Monday, September 7, 2009

Grozen Frapes

Apologies for the lack of updates. I'm back at school, I'm living in a new apt, and I'm too lazy to find my charger for the camera. Oops! Consequently, this is a half-arsed entry and photos were taken with my phone. On to the grapes. I got graaaapes (if you know where that's from, you are a certified hyphy head in my book.. llllawl!).

If you've never had frozen grapes before, you HAVE NOT LIVED!!!

Okay, maybe you have lived sans frozen grapes-- but you will live with new gusto if you try em.*

When frozen completely, grapes don't take on the solid quality of ice. Instead of being brittle and completely rock-solid, the flesh becomes hard but creamy like a firm sorbet or popsicle.

Simply rinse and dry some grape bunches, place in a ziplock bag or tupperware, and stick them in the freezer. Red/dark grapes work best, and make sure they're awesomely sweet. And there you go: an instant, healthy snack or dessert. Frozen grapes are all the rage at snazzy luxury resorts and such... If they're good enough for that crowd, they're good enough for us simple folk ;)

A glimpse of what's to come...

What could that be for? You're probably guessing correctly... but for now, I gotta do some reading!

Random food fact: botanically, grapes are true berries.


* not guaranteed, but VERY LIKELY, HOMES!


  1. i love frozen grapes! :D hehehe
    and the creme brulee was gooodd
    thanks for making my day :)

  2. aww i'm glad you liked it, joanne :D see you soon. hahahah

  3. I havent lived T.T never had frozen grapes even havent thought of it! should try soon :DD

  4. haha awww stellaaa. i'm sure you've lived ;) but frozen grapes really ARE a tasty snack! definitely try~ :)