Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thirsty Thursday?

Is that what fratty partiers call tonight?

I'm a little out of the loop.

I've also been loopy. Finals are fast approaching, so my blog will be neglected for just a while longer :( not that anyone really cares. I promise to write a real entry come mid-December!

Lemon drop martini. A "girly" drink. I don't feel guilty about a girly drink, dagnammit! I can do things straight no chaser without making a face, but quite frankly, that don't taste as good. I'm honestly not big on alcohol in general. I'm not sophisticated or matoor enough to enjoy my spirits neat at this time..

This was before I realized I should probably make a bigger effort to take a nicer picture for you guys.
so I tried

but I failed. My eyessss! They burrrnnnnn!
Just like my throat does.

Reinstating random food fact of the day: Today, Pump tried the tiniest droplet of flavored rum and almost died on my floor from disgust.