food dreams (literally)

dreams that involve food

2.3.2011 - i had a freezer full of pie crusts at a beach house during the summer. a friend of mine mentioned making pies and said we should go to the grocery store to buy crusts. i said, "no worries!" and showed him my freezer. unlimited possibilities.

2.7.2011 - i went to a Costco that stocked EVERYTHING in the world, including lots of tropical Asian fruits. a lot more happened, and i woke up in the middle of the night telling myself that i had to remember the dream in its entirety so i could log it here. alas, i've forgotten the rest of the dream.

11.?.2011 - i made a "new" korean dish by cutting the tops off of green bell peppers and cleaning the peppers out. then i stuffed the peppers with japchae (korean glass noodles with meat and veggies, along w/ soy sauce, sesame oil and sugar) and baked them in the oven until the peppers were soft. i was pretty darn proud of myself when i woke up, until i realized that japchae usually has slices of bell pepper... so.. my creation wasn't too "new" -_-