most of these were composed by my housemates tonight (nov 8, 2010. TIME CAPSULE!)

q: favorite food?
a: i don't have a favorite :(

q: guilty pleasure food?
a: currently mini corndogs. lawl

q: favorite breakfast?
a: sausage gravy and biscuits!

q: how do you like your eggs?
a: poached or over easy. i like them all ways

q: favorite drink?
a: water

q: favorite spice?
a: black pepper. boring? maybe. always awesome? no diggity.

q: who inspires you, besides me (ongel/antoinette)?
a: lidia bastianich, jacques pepin, julia child, rick bayless, martin yan (can anyone tell i grew up on PBS?), eric ripert, anthony bourdain, grant achatz, local chefs holdin it down in va, my family

and bob ross, not to be confused with rick ross.

q: number one quality you look for in a brotha? -lucy
a: unbridled and unintentional weirdness hehe

q: favorite cooking utensil?
a: tongs (who the crap stole ours? i'm going to find you and hurt you. with tongs).

q: favorite restaurant?
a: currently brookville, cville!

q: favorite fast food?
a: apparently it's curly fries @ arby's. at least, that's what my drugged up self says after wisdom teeth extractions.

q: if you could go anywhere to try anything, where would you go?
a: ummm how much dough do i get? firstly singapore.