Friday, July 31, 2009

A family favorite & a family visit.

If you're Korean, you know what these delicious frozen things are. Melona (메로나) bars are creamy, honeydew-flavored popsicles by Binggrae (also maker of BBBig red bean popsicles, banana milk, and more). Ever since I was little, these were a summer treat in the household. Grandma would buy a whole box of them when we went to the korean grocery store, and she'd open one and give it to me for the ride home. I can't describe the creamsicle except that it tastes like the real deal melon, with a hint of cream or milk. Not too sweet, full of fruit.


The consistency is really firm at first, but once it melts, the flavor is more pronounced and the creamsicle is like sherbet on a stick. I don't even knowwwwww it's just crazy delicious!

Today I was exploring our freezers, and found a gallon-size bag of cubed honeydew. I guess my mom spotted an overripe melon in the house many moons ago, cut it up and froze it. I remember my dad made an awesome honeydew smoothie two or three weeks ago (he is the smoothie master of the house-- makes one every few days without fail), so I guess this is where the melon came from. When I tasted his smoothie, I remember exclaiming that it tasted just like our favorite melon popsicle! It was even thick like a slightly melty Melona. Yumyum.
I also found some organic coconut milk frozen in an ice tray (had leftovers from pina coladas I made a while back), which I accused my mother of throwing away when I didn't see the milk in the fridge last night. Oops. Of course when I found the fruit and coconut milk, I blended up some smoothies-- er, I guess "milkshakes" would be more PC.
I threw some melon, coconut milk cubes, and mint (I had just pruned my mint plant) into the blender and enjoyed a cooling summer drink with a nostalgic touch. Gotta say, though, I like it without the mint! The flavors work (e.g. melon balls w/ mint), but I prefer the classic "Melona" flavor. The coconut milk was a nice background note, as it wasn't too strong and still let the melon flavor stand out.
"Melona" Milkshake/Smoothie
Makes ~4 cups
  • 2 cups ripe honeydew, cubed and frozen
  • 5-6 cubes of coconut or regular milk, frozen in ice cube tray
  • Some milk on standby
Throw honeydew and milk cubes into blender. Slowly pulse to get things going, adding some milk (coconut or regular; I used regular) when the blender doesn't... blend. Blend til smooth and thick like a milkshake. Taste and add a TINY bit of sugar if your melon isn't ripe enough. Serve with a spoon or stirring stick just in case.

Visiting Cousin J in Cape Canaveral, FL

My sister J and I spent a week down in Florida to visit our cousin J and her bf. Needless to say, we gorged ourselves on seafood, home cooked meals and local favorites. It was a week of gluttony. Sadly, these two photos were the only ones of food. Actually, they were practically the only photos I took while there... I didn't want to risk getting sand or water in my camera.

We hit up a place called Sandbar Sports Grill in Cocoa Beach, just a short stroll from the beach. I feel like every beach has their own "Sandbar" kinda place-- an open-ended joint, with fans whirring and AC almost non-existent. Lots of locals and tourists alike, sun-kissed (or sun-smothered) and enjoying a cold brewski and food in the outdoor seating provided.Sandbar is known for its fish tacos, which you can order grilled, baja or blackened. Blackened is by far the most seasoned. I enjoyed my tacos, though nothing screamed "BEST TACOS IN THE WORLD" to me, but who cares when you're in a wonderful place like that? It was good food, I was hungry before and full afterwards, and the fish was fresh. The seasoning/sauce is what really made the tacos: spicy, slightly creamy, and just enough salt. The sides weren't bad either. A small pet peeve of mine is being served lemon or lime slices that are hard to squeeze, such as the above.

Sandbar Sports Grill
4301 Ocean Beach Blvd
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
(321) 799-2577
Random food fact (via the maker's site): Melona was launched in 1991, and sold 280 million bars in 1994.



  1. ohh now i know why you liked my fish taco picture lol

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