Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Well, I liked it: Milan, Cville

Last Sunday, I checked out Milan with my cousin E-terror, her friend S, and my friend H. I'm not exactly a leading authority when it comes to Indian food, but I know that I enjoyed my food, even after taking into account that I was starvin' like Marvin. Everyone else did too.

Our server was pretty attentive, but the staff in general seemed a tad... awkward? At least they didn't suck up and pretend to be disgustingly sweet/friendly. Anyway, the food was good, the portions were more than enough, and I'll be visiting Milan again soon. I think the main downfall was the price. Kind of pricy. The menu has all the regular dishes, and it also has samplers, soups and salads. Lots of vegetarian options too.

E had the matar paneer ($10.95), which is peas and soft, homemade cheese (called paneer) in a sweet and spicy sauce. E commented on the large portion, saying the amount was definitely more than other places. The sauce was thick and creamy, and the dish was "a dream come true!" It's pictured above and below.

matar paneer, with delicious garlic naan (2 naan for $2.95)

I ordered the lamb tikka masala (13.95): pieces of lamb roasted in a clay oven and simmered in a tomato/cream sauce. The lamb medallions were a LITTLE chewy, but still delicious. Not too "gamey" either. The sauce was creamy and slightly tangy, and perfectly seasoned (salt-wise). I'd like to say it was seasoned well when it comes to spices/authenticity, but I'm not too sure about that. I did not, however, think the sauce was bland at all. Very delicious with a warm heat (I got it medium-spicy). S ordered the chicken tikka masala for $12.95

The basmati rice was fluffy, aromatic, and endless!

H wasn't too hungry, so she ordered the tomato soup ($2.50): fresh tomato puree sauteed with ginger and Indian spices. The price was very reasonable, and H said it was "better than normal tomato soup." She normally doesn't eat tomato soup, either.

H said the tomato was "nicely pureed" and proceeded to laugh like a crazy person. I don't know why.. That's just how she is.

Definitely check the place out if you're in Cville. Can't say that it's the best in Virginia, but perhaps one of the better places in this area. Also, I heard the lunch buffet is pretty good and worth the money (around $8-9? Not sure about the price. I'll get back to you on that).

1817 Emmet St. Charlottesville 22901
(434) 984-2828
Lunch M-F, 11:30am-2:30pm; Sat-Sun, 12-3pm
Dinner Sun-Thurs, 5-10pm; Fri-Sat, 5-10:30pm
Catering available

Before I go, I just wanted to say THANK YOU, L for the awesome little rum cake. I've been wanting to try the famous Tortuga Carribbean Rum Cake for years now, and she picked one up while down in PR!



  1. I will definitely hit it up sometime!

  2. oooh, i like this! well, i like your blog, in general.
    i'll be visiting here more often! :)

  3. Smurf,
    who are youuuuu?

    thanks :D guess what. james and i thought we saw you at clemons so we started calling out your name. then the girl started looking around and we realized it wasn't you. HAHAHAHAHA. p.s. i cant see your blog, add me so i can add you :)