Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Lazy Snack-- Scallion Pancakes, via gagainthekitchen

Just a quick post on something I made for a quick snack. As an avid Tastespotting aficionado, I've lurked many, many blogs and bookmarked hundreds of recipes. One such recipe is from gagainthekitchen, and it couldn't look much easier! Scallion pancakes seem to be common in Taiwan and China, and even we have a similar dish: Korean pancakes, or pajeon (파전). The main difference is that pajeon contains egg. Therefore, the scallion pancakes are a lot doughier. Almost every culture has their version of a savory "pancake" or flatbread.

I totally forgot to put enough salt, but other that that, these were really tasty and quick to make! Also, no real measuring is required which is awesome because I'm lazy. Head over to gaga's to read her step-by-step instructions!

Sorry for the horrible coloration of the pics.. heheh. Ma badddd

I love the "layers" you get in the finished product because of the rolling+flattening beforehand.

I abandoned the rolling pin after the second pancake and used my hands. Zomg I am supersuper lazy today.

See the layers?

For the sauces, I combined soy sauce + rice vinegar + freshly cracked black pepper for the first one, and mayo + sweet chili sauce + sriracha + a pinch of salt for the second. I wanted a combo of sweet + salty, sauce + dip. Next time, though, I'm gonna add a squeeze of lime juice to the mayo-based dip. I think it'll go well with the other flavors + thin the dip out. How many more +'s can I cram in here? +++++++++++



  1. looks good

    hook it up homie

  2. You need to make this for me sometime! <3

  3. Wow, if you consider that lazy... I must be nothing more than a vegetable. Heh.

  4. thanks, guys!

    and lucy, i can't see your blogger profile so... i'm just going to assume you're MY lucy.. in which case, i want to be your blog friend. p.s. are you in tx right now? when are you goin back to dorms?

  5. Oh, yes, heh, I am *your* Lucy. ;) And yeah, I'm in TX right now. Still need to find a ride from the C'ville airport for when I arrive Sunday, but I should be back in dorms by that evening.

  6. i saw that too and wanted to give it a shot. my mom makes pajeon a lot and i love it, though i think i love the crispy edges the most. does this recipe make that crispy edge?

    and isn't tastespotting the best invention ever?

  7. talda,
    this recipe doesn't give too much of a crispy edge, but i still enjoy the texture of the whole pancake. i, too, think the edges of pajeon are the best parts, and i think they are that way because the amt of oil used to fry and the batter's consistency.

    the scallion pancakes are somewhat thicker/drier without egg, but they're tasty in their own way! give em a try ;)

    and tastespotting really IS the best invention ever hahahaha. i waste so much time there.

  8. I'm so glad you liked it! Yours turned out wonderfully. I also love your dipping sauces, I'm definitely going to have to give them a try next time.

  9. one of my good friends mom is the master at making this. well i can not say that i have ever ate them anywhere else. but the taste is amazing. i always thought they were really hard to make though. she always makes a ton of them, and then saves them to reheat later. so everytime i go there i grab one and put in on the pan fry it up and eat it.