Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm kind of gross!

First of all, I was published to Tastespotting on my first try! So that makes me smile... But I feel bad for the people who will click on my link and be thoroughly disappointed with my blog. Haha. Second of all, don't read ahead if you're expecting one of my usual entries. Today, I just wanna talk your ears off (type your eyes out?).

These are a few of my favorite things...
I don't recall whose amazing food blog (that I found via TS) I was on, but the writer talked about her "favorite things sandwich." Basically it's what you have or would put in a sandwich and enjoy, even though it's atrocious. Something you COMPLETELY enjoy eating, but only in the confines of your home with no one around. You know, the type of creation that contains a combination people bring up as a joke, and you scoff along, "PSH YEAH! THAT IS GROSS, I'D NEVER DO THAT!" But inside, your heart bleeds because you know it tastes so delicious, yet it'll never be accepted by society. So here's what I would/have put in mine.

Favorite Things Sandwich #1
Wow, now that I think about it, this is freaking embarrassing. But here it goes!
When I was a kid, I'd always stick a slice of American cheese between two slices of white bread and devour that junks. I thought it was the most delicious creation ever! And then I moved onto bigger and better things, such as ranch dressing spread on a slice of bread. I'd eat at least 4 slices like this every time (which is probably why I was a super chubby kid). I thought I was a genius. Then my mom made it even better by spreading dressing on both sides and throwing it in a hot pan! OH MY GOSH. It is still one of my guilty pleasures. So my favorite things sandwich would start with two slices of white bread that have been slathered with ranch dressing and grilled 'til they have nice crusts. In between the slices, I'd stick in some lettuce, avocado (no one has ever agreed with me, but I think avocados have a slight garlic/onion taste.. hmph), turkey (deli-style), and maybe some honey. HAHAHA. Mmm.

Favorite Things Sandwich #2
My first sandwich has never been made, but this one has. Always assembled in this order:
1. Toasted slice of potato bread
2. A zig-zag (3 zigs, 2 zags?) squirt of ketchup, medium thickness kthx
___2b. A slice of American cheese is an optional addition at this point.
3. Slightly wet scrambled egg, seasoned with freshly cracked black pepper
4. A thin spread of strawberry jam (jelly is better, but I grew up with jam/preserves in the haussss)
5. Toasted slice of potato bread

Seriously the best thing ever. Just try it :( or not.



  1. dude, if you combine all breakfast food together in one sandwich, it's always gonna be legit. IE: if you put honey/jam on a biscuit with bacon, egg, & cheese...with ketchup. HAHA.

    Grilled cheese with grape jelly is really good too...

  2. congrats on the tastespotting feature! and on your first shot. nice. it took me three times to get on. ha!

    i have no idea what sandwich i would make but i think it'd involve a potato in some form: chips, fries, hash browns. something.

    i've had a baked bean sandwich. does that count?