Tuesday, September 7, 2010

new beginnings

Note: this was written last Saturday.

There are new beginnings everywhere around me: a new era for UVA football (not hopeful though. Opener tonight vs. Richmond!), a new school year, new acquaintances, and a new home @ the university.

new room!
sneak peek of the room
new room!
someone please come and straighten these out for me.

I'm so thankful to God for lookin out for me 24/7. None of these new beginnings should be taken for granted! As classes begin and the campus is teeming with different faces, sometimes I need to go to my happy place. This happy place is the peaceful house that I share with Angela, Christy and Lucy :) It's a big change from my apt last year, and even though I miss Jojo and Steff, it's refreshing to change things up.

This morning, my housemates and I went to the farmer's market downtown, which always means a delicious time. The weather was perfect (temps in the 70s? HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN?!), my girls are the best, and the stands had so much to offer. I picked up some figs and Italian plums.

lazy saturday lunch
When we got back, I cobbled together a simple lunch: grilled ham and cheese (don't hate on the American cheese product. It is classic) and figs dolloped with vanilla greek yogurt.
grilled ham and cheese
lazy saturday lunch
I love how the fig's insides are crunchy with seeds and glossy with nectarrrzzz!

Oh, Lucy and I also picked up this ginormous locally-grown watermelon for $5.
oversized watermelon

Anyway, just a short little post to commemorate the beginning of great things. Thanks be to God.



  1. you posted this five minutes ago but so what. i'm leaving you a comment to show you that i care. that i adore you. that i love you. that there is no recipe in this blog but that is okay. alright, this is unnecessarily long.


  2. hello! I'm Sae-Won,I got to know your blog through your dad. Heard you enjoy cooking, will pick up some cooking tips off you! Exciting 1st year student. I wouldn't want to repeat my 1st degree herein London). As it's so tough, but wish you all the best and have lots of fun!