Friday, March 19, 2010

Impromptu frittata

For a large part of my life, I didn't fancy frittatas or similarly thick egg-type dishes. I thought they were perpetually rubbery, dry and blah. Then I realized I'd just had really bad representations of them.
I'm glad my feelings have changed for such foods, because an impromptu frittata can be just the perfect lunch (or brunch) on a sunny Friday like today.
I texted Eunice (I consider her one of my bfflz) asking her if she'd like some, and so we ate together. I enjoy spending time with good friends, even if it's simply to have a nosh and watch Paula Deen make pumpkin cake with a CUP of oil, or watch Giada with her boobs hangin' out. I've decided that I like impromptu lunch dates with friends just as much as I like impromptu frittatas :)

So... How do you all like your eggs? Let me know.

Veggie Frittata (without the oven)
  • 2 medium sized potatoes, peeled and diced
  • 1/2 onion, diced
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 1-2 Roma tomatoes (or equivalent amt of another kind), diced
  • corn (I used probably about a handful)
  • parsley (some chopped for frittata itself and some for garnish if desired)
  • 5 eggs, beaten (I used 4 for today's but one more would've been ideal)
  • optional: parmesan or any other hard cheese, grated
Heat medium-sized saucepan to medium-high. Add in potatoes with some water and cover to slightly steam/boil them. This ensures that your potatoes are cooked through in the end. When potatoes are almost fork tender, drain and set aside, returning a dry saucepan to the stove. In some oil or butter, sweat onions and garlic until fragrant but not browned. Add potatoes, corn, tomatoes and parsley, seasoning accordingly and sauteing until well incorporated. Pour in enough oil to coat the pan, if necessary (this is so the eggs don't stick when you try to slide the frittata out). Add in beaten eggs (which should be seasoned with a little salt and pepper), gently stirring a few seconds to make sure the egg penetrates veggie mixture. Cook until the bottom is browned and the top begins to set enough to flip. Flip the frittata with the aid of a large plate and cook until browned. Serve with optional grated cheese and parsley.




  2. you should!! and obviously you don't have to use the same veggies. yumyum

    also, i laughed out loud thinking of yee saying "I MAKE DIS SOMETIME WEEEK!!" haha, dyslexic. <3

  4. Your food pictures really make me hungry. hahaha. I think I'll end up making a recipe book out your recipes.

    And yes! Uva'er? (:
    My roommate is from Richmond area too, I guess you could say. She's from Ashland? lol, I'm probably way off.