Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Market for Tapioca Pearls

I love how the strawberry looks HUMONGO. From bottom to top: organic tapioca "seeds", pineapple puree, strawberry puree, coconut milk (sweetened and blended with ice)


There is a large market for tapioca pearls meant for bubble tea/boba. Of course, by large market, I mean ME. But possibly many other Asians in this area have been on a search for the large, chewy orbs that are tapioca pearls (again, the large ones used in bubble tea). I've been hooked since I had bubble tea at the well-known TT Lounge, the only boba establishment in Richmond, many years ago. The pearls, which come in many colors, are glutinous like rice cake but are made from the cassava/yucca plant.. So pleasant to chew on while slurping slushy/milk tea. I MUST HAVE! Please start selling them in grocery stores or at least in the shoddy, tiny Asian grocery stores that are located way too far away. I'll probably resort to buying online soon..


P.S. I had to make my boba concoction with the really tiny "seed" sized tapioca pearls sold in the baking section (it's gluten free!). I went to four different grocery stores, including an Asian one out of my way. Then, I drove 30 mins to Whole Foods and bought these overpriced buggers. Oh well.

A close-up of the tapioca... Don't be put off by their "frog eggs" look... They're delicious and have a fun texture :) You can mix the drink and scoop up with a spoon (or drink it through a straw), or eat layer by layer..

Whisked away to the islands with such tropical flavors.. Sippin' as the sun goes down...

Random food fact: If you put a raisin in a fresh glass of champagne, it will rise and fall continuously.



  1. I hear tapioca is made by hardening a TON Of sugar? But you said it was from some plant. Maybe I'm wrong. I just hear they are SUPER fattening, which scares me, because I do love those suckers. But sometimes they get to be too much in my boba, so I just play spitball with them and see how far I can shoot it. It's really interesting because they stick to surfaces and make a really cool splatter sound.

    I can't believe how great you are at cooking. You need to go to culinary school, ASAP. Seriously, fuck the American Dream. Do what you love, honey!

  2. hey girl hey!

    tapioca is made from the starch of the cassava/yucca plant. maybe there are some natural sugars in there, but it's not really known to be sugary. the only thing i can think of is that some people place the tapioca pearls in syrup after cooking in order to prevent sticking (like you said, they be sticky!). so probably not TOO fattening, maybe some carbs? shrug.

    and i'm mediocre at cooking.. i wish i could go to cul school, but maybe in the future :D :D esp since people aint goin out to eat much these days with the economy and all. thanks for stopping by, gorgeous!