Sunday, February 13, 2011

the dinner that didn't happen was good

i wanted to make dinner for my friend yesterday. not wanting to slave away in the kitchen during the evening, i threw some short ribs in yooni's slow cooker in the afternoon when i had free time. i turned that junk on high and left the house.

we didn't go back to the house for dinner.

the ribs braised for 9 hours on accident, and it was a delicious accident.

taken by pump (THANK YOU!), edited by vafooooo.
i got to spend more quality time with my friend by not returning home to make the rest of the dinner, AND i didn't have to worry about tonight's dinner. double win and rainbow all around. saruzi (sara & suzi) helped me finish this warm and cozy meal, perfect for the cool weather.

i served the red-wine braised short ribs with chili-lime corn and creamy asiago mashed potatoes. ever since we got back from women's retreat, where i had the privilege to play sous chef to the amazing deborah, i've been on a mrs. dash kick. it seriously makes everything taste derishus, and the mashed potatoes were no exception. added the right amount of spice and a little je ne sais quoiiiii.

a shout out to sara, who told me that i'd better update soon, esp since both of us deactivated facebook. hope you enjoyed the reading material, sara! lob you.

i laugh because it's true.

random food fact of the day (woops. i've been forgetting as of late): Before settling on the name "Mrs. Dash," the company considered the name "Mrs. Pinch." -via wikipedia



  1. YEAAAAH slow cooker
    YEEEAAAAH food fact

  2. hahahahahaha to the facebook jail analogy.