Tuesday, January 25, 2011

orzo? shorzo!

that was a horrible, horrible title. i can't help myself.

orzo with sausage, kale, tomatoes, mushrooms, onion and garlic. dressed in lemon juice, balsamic vin, and evoo. shot by ongel, edited by meee.
i find it odd that i've never used orzo before. i guess i never saw the point of making orzo when i always have rice on hand. i mean, rulllly? pasta shaped like rice?

man, i was such a noob. i think deep down inside, i knew that orzo and rice were completely different beasts in terms of starch content, texture/mouthfeel, flavor, changes over time, etc. for serious, i'd never try to make what's pictured above with regular short grain rice. perhaps it was my strong cultural connection to rice (hello, i'm ASIANNN) that made me subconsciously reject orzo. obviously, orzo is just like any other pasta, but it has the advantage of being small enough to make spoonable pasta salad. its shape also lends itself well to getting coated in (and absorbing) sauces. this translates to a trip to flavor town, a place you wanna go to as often as possible.

and here comes a lame transition to my life/school matters:
 just as i've tried something new (orzo) and broken out of my comfort zone (only using rice), i'm trying to do a lot more of both this semester and beyond. hee.

i want to join new organizations. i want to make lots of crafts. i want to be more prayerful and do my QTs more consistently, even if that means i have to stop being lazy. i want to talk to people i've never talked to before. speaking of which, i was thinking about going to the office hours of my "German Jewish Culture and History" professor to ask him about his favorite Jewish dessert. then, i will make it and blog about it. is that weird?
i want to buy new running shoes (i left mine in richmond), which will hopefully motivate me to live more healthily. i want to share with my loved ones (Christian and especially non-Christian) the love and blessings that God continuously pours on me.

i'm in a gooood mood! 2011, let's goooooo.



  1. When will I be invited to partake in ORZO consumption. CL

  2. aw i liked that last blurb. i must break out of my comfort zone also...

  3. chris- the next time i make it?!

    steff- foreal. let's help each other! :D

  4. looks so delish. mail it to me now at 123 Fake Street.

  5. OKAYYYY! :) let's join a club.