Saturday, June 26, 2010

These streets will make you feel brand new

..and 10 lbs heavier.

My cousin and I hit up the city that never sleeps. Our adventure was about beautiful things: delishuzzz food, all kinds of art, beautiful people, and irresistible clothing & accessories.

Sorry to my nyc acquaintances for not meeting up; our schedule was packed. And I'm lazy. These excuses ultimately explain my lack of photos documenting the trip. I literally didn't take any digital cam pics other than these -_- I promise we did a lot more than what follows. Sure, my feet perpetually ached, I sweat like Park Chu Young with his nasty hair (with none of the effort), and I was more concerned about "being in the moment" than snapping a shot. But deep down, I was just lazy and we were constantly on to the next scene.

wafels and dinges
wafels & dinges truck
Call the W&D hotline or check their Twitter for the daily password in order to receive a free 2nd topping. Sometimes the password is actually a dare/challenge, such as impersonating a soccer player or telling your best Knock, Knock joke o_o we were wussies. Sigh.

wafels & dinges
The Brussels waffle with Nutella. We liked this the best. Light, crispy, slightly lemony, with a crunch from sugar crystals that were sprinkled on top of the batter before being waffled.

wafels & dinges
The Liege waffle with Belgian chocolate fudge. Denser than the Brussels, pleasantly chewy (more of a bread/doughy treat), and rich.

Sun Say Kai (or Gai), Chinatown
sun say kai/gai, chinatown
Roast pig with crispy skin lunch special for $4.50. Comes with steamed rice and napa cabbage. Some people expect totally irrelevant things from a hole in the wall, ducks hangin in the window kinda place like this. They complain that the rice is plain, the "cabbage-like" veggie is whatever, blahblah. Realize that this joint serves up simple, fast, unapologetic food. The O.G. cooks do meats justice for the most part. I ordered the roasted pork, and it was pretty darn tasty, but the skin prob wouldn't have been a tad stale (it was still crispy) if I'd come earlier in the day when it was fresh. That's my bad. I wanna try the roast duck and short ribs next time. Great service from red-vested old schoolers, hot tea, and juicy meat makes one happy girl (that's what she.. nevermind).

Chelsea Market
chelsea market
Need I say more? This is what [edible] dreams are made of. Food Network is also made of this. Rather, the network has some office space in this building. So does Oxygen network,, and Google (all closed to the public). Try to go when the place isn't crowded, which is probably never :( That's my main gripe about the place.

Check out the grocery store for cheap spices (20-25 whole nutmegs for $1.89?!). Of course I HAD to buy a microplane (for the NUTMEG!) and swhing shwing it around the market like a ninja. $1-2 cheaper than retail price at Bowery Kitchen Supply.

hale and hearty soup
Hale & Hearty Soups in Chelsea Mkt. Chicken and avocado sandwich with really tasty lobster bisque.

not my cup of tea (er, soda)
People were handing these out for free, but it just wasn't my thang. My reaction might have been different if I'd been given any background info, but my initial thought was that the bev tasted like a beer-gone-wrong without the alcohol. Guess I wasn't far off. Very little sugar, which I wasn't expecting when I read "soda". After reading the article, though, I'd give it another sip. Maybe.

Yep, Calexico's got a sit-in location in addition to its carts.

Steak burrito. At first, I thought $8 was kinda steep. Then I noticed how much freaking steak they gave me. Happy stomach. Great flavors, though I wish I could've tasted the avocado crema more.

calexico salsas
Salsas from the complimentary salsa bar. L-R: roasted pumpkin arbol, maybe jalapeno and then habanero or vice versa. What really matters is the pumpkin arbol sauce, which I've since discovered has a huge fan base. That jank is tangy, peppery, nutty, and straight up delectable with a wonderful texture. I think my head would explode from uncontainable delight if I could drizzle that over...

53rd & 6th halal
53rd & 6th halal. Some quick clarification.
53rd & 6th halal
Combo plate, baby!! :D :D :D :D before white/red sauce. This is Peter freaking Parker, ok? Once you mix with the rice/sauces and spoon it into your mouth, the Spiderman side will be jumpin all up in there. Nothing more needs to be said. Go get some.


And so ends my nyc post. Hope you enjoyed some part of it! I can't wait to go again in the fall.



  1. i just came back! i only took one photo....unbelievable for a camerawhore like me huh? haha it was a picture of the bowls on the wall at ippudo lol
    anyways i miss u!

  2. great post!!! i missed yer brawgging

  3. haha great photos! i don't understand how you get such nice resolution..aren't they from a phone?
    anyway..seems like you ate a lot of food!
    fun stuff..eating that is
    kkk like your update..some day in the future we will travel somewhere cool together..maybe far into the future we have our own kids too;;;lol

  4. Good lord! Please don't tell me this was in ONE DAY?!?! You should have told me you were going though. Couldve recommended some great places. The hidden ones are the best places.
    Next time.

  5. thanks errbody :)

    hyekyung- the photos are from an old point and shoot :) and yes we will travel somewhere together!

    eunice- def not in one day!! haha i think i would have ended up in the hospital if we tried to eat all that in a day. feel free to recommend other places :) we actually had a lot more ideas but didnt have time to make them happen.