Monday, February 1, 2010

Chicken and pasta with marsala sauce


Sans the typical mushrooms (I was out of them). Very delicious nonetheless... I'd include a recipe, but I always wing it. Therefore, I encourage you to find some marsala sauce recipes via Tastespotting and get to it! The first time I made it this semester with Eunice, it was kinda fail because we didn't cook the wine down enough and it was a soupy mess. With practice comes better fud. That is the lesson here!



  1. it looks very delish~~
    someday you'll be a famous chef and i get to brag about u. haha

  2. looks beautiful! i cooked some meat today!! it was pretty exciting.... i had no yangnyum.. so i poured some soysauce, gochujang, and sesame oil in the pan w/ it... and it turned out alright ;)

  3. Loving you is easy cos' you're beautiful.

  4. haha thank you alllll :)

    hyemi- i don't think i'll ever be a chef, but i'll take that as a compliment hehe.

    hyekyung (right?)- i miss you!!! mmmm i want krn food now. i can't wait to see you, beautiful!

    anonymous- ahhaha reveal yourself!