Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Don't be scurred...

This isn't the best or newest picture I've taken. But it holds a significant food memory for me.

Those garlic knots were my first (and sadly, only-- I'm kitchenless!) attempt at bread making. I'd been scared to make bread until then: I remember being over at my aunt's old house as a child, and it'd take her hours to go from flour, eggs and yeast to hot bread fresh from the humungous breadmaker.

But the memories of eating hot, delicious breads with pats of cold butter in the company of my cousins pulled at my heart and appetite. I can still smell the lovely yeasty aroma that wafted through the kitchen and overflowed into the living room while I watched cartoons. I can still see those air pockets in each steaming slice of bread that caught the melting butter which had started to pool.

Scared and intimidated as I was, I picked up a recipe for garlic knots. Literally only using my hands for the entire recipe (minus the measuring and baking... My hands cannot accurately measure nor produce enough heat to bake something), I followed the recipe with anxiety. The wait for the dough to rise TWICE didn't help the situation.

On that very fateful August day, I did not keel over in despair. The knots came out well and edible! My family scarfed the knots down within minutes, and bread wasn't scary no' mo'.

So the moral of the story isssss: don't be afraid to try an intimidating recipe! You might be pleasantly surprised ;)

Recipe and tutorial here.


P.S. I've decided to end every entry with a random food or food-related fact.

Ears of corn always have an even number of rows of kernels.


  1. i also have an even number of rows of kernels. mm.

    love your blog, t!

  2. ....


    frigginnnnn james.

  3. OH YEAH! i totally forgot to add the recipe. oh, sey, what would i do without you?